Updated 02 February 2012

CELEBRITY DRAMA: Divorce of the social elite and popular SABC presenter, Vuyo Mbuli

Testimony to that its not always roses are red and violets are blue in the lives of the local super-celebrities that we are so inspired by!

Vuyo Mbuli Divorce

A wife, letting go...

After 15 years of what seemed like a match made in heaven, popular television personality Vuyo Mbuli and his wife Savita are reported to be headed for splitville.

Those in the know say things never got back to normal in the Mbuli household after Vuyo was allegedly caught with his pants down (literally) at another woman’s home last year.

While speculations may run riot, the whole nation no doubt mourns the splitting of one of its favourite sons from his place of peace - the solid home built on a foundation of love and harmony.

Despite the media frenzied rush to speculate on the cause, the where and why, still one thing rings true - none are pleased. The wish on everyone's mind must be for the super-celebrity couple to patch things up and re-build the matrimonial home back to its former glory - NO MATTER WHAT, and that is GENUINE.